Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hard at Work ... Writing!

This is not one of the music classes I've been taking!
I apologize for the intermittent postings and hiatus as of late.  I admit that I had too much on my plate the past quarter, but I love being busy and knowing that I'm accomplishing things - except when I feel so overwhelmed that I feel as though I haven't been able to finish anything!  I think we all know what that feels like.

One of the reasons I hadn't been posting regularly is that when I wasn't working, dancing, or trying to get my fingers to obey my will at the keyboard (and sleep?  Uh ...), I was studying for two music history classes through a wonderful music program offered online at Foothill College.

I wasn't a music major at university.  I did take a Basic Musicianship class, universally known to folks with any music background as "Clap for Credit" for an easy A, as well as an upper division class on J.S. Bach.  I also played baritone horn in the University of California Marching Band for four years, a participation without which I would have had no school spirit.

But now that I am embarking on a serious musical journey with the piano, I want to have a solid base in music history essentials.  I've now taken the Classical Era, Romantic-Impressionist-20th Century and beyond, as well as World Music.  Come fall quarter, I'll circle back to Baroque.  Dr. Robert Hartwell and Dr. Elizabeth Barkley have been my wonderful champions, and I enjoy their classes immensely.  (Dr. Hartwell was the one who encouraged me to audition for Mr. LaRatta!)

I've written a number of little essays and snippets for my music history classes, which I'll share here from time to time.  These classes and explorations are, after all, part of my journey in embracing music wholeheartedly.  I hope you'll enjoy them!